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Here are a few tidbits:

Russiagate -- allegations that the then U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign team colluded with Russia’s government officials, political figures, diplomats, lawyers in order to help Mr. D. Tump win the 2016 U. S. Presidential election and favored him as the candidate to win the election. The U.S. Congress appointed Special Counsel R.Mueller to investigate the above-referenced allegations. See also: Russian Collusion, Russian Interference, Russian Meddling, Russian Obstruction

Dedollarization -- Chinese Government’s use of deceptive and insidious strategies and currency manipulation and planning to destabilize, diminish and undermine U.S. global influence by replacing U.S. dollar with “single global super- currency” claiming to bring an end to the U.S. hegemony and signing a bilateral rial-yuan agreement with Iran.

NDAA -- National Defense Authorization Act-- whose purpose is to honor U.S. veterans and modernize and rebuild U.S. armed forces

Never Trumper -- a person who vows not to vote for the then Presidential candidate, now U.S. President, Donald Trump

Golden Standard -- being a NATO member country that is eligible for full-range military assistance and protection in case an aggressor attacks her country

Deep State -— the term became popular after Mr. D. Trump won U. S. presidency contest and is referred to the claim that the group that included the U. S. power structures headed by the former U. S. President Barack Obama plotted the failure and to prevent the then U. S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump from winning the Presidency. Also: Deep Throat

Sexting -- texting sexually explicit SMS and other messages

Brain Drain -- mass exodus and loss of leading scientists, researchers, intellectuals, intelligentsia, writers, entertainers from a country of lower living standard due to the excessive emigration to other country of higher living standard. E.g., “ Brain drain” from the USSR to the Western countries, USA, primarily, during 1917-1991, especially after the collapse of the USSR.

Brexit -- British/ Great Britain’s exit, secession, divorce from the European Union

Glasnost -– 1. publicity, 2 In 1985 the then USSR’s President and Communist /CPSU/Chief, Mikhail Gorbachev pioneered the idea of freedom of information, religion, press, transparency, openness and positive dialogue with its Western political opponents. See also “Perestroika”

Perestroika -- 1. rebuilding, reconstruction, 2. under USSR’s President Gorbachev this term was intended to mean a wide range of political, economic, law, religious reforms and reforming the CPSU/Communist Party in the USSR

Background checks -- checks for candidates to the government posts, positions,dealing with sensitive information, U. S. agencies, candidates for U. S. citizenship as for their criminal, felony history

Black Box Voting -— allegedly tempering with voting and election process. Typically allegations of rigging and tempering votes happened at the local, county or state level, although lately, also at federal level. See also: Russiagate

Z-List -- At Harvard University Z-List allegedly some V.I.P. children get in Harvard who do not have grades to qualify them to be admitted into Harvard. 50 to 60 such students were admitted to Harvard on Z-List each in classes of 2014 to 2019. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit called themselves Anti-Affirmative Action group, stated those 50 to 60 students were legacy children, i.e., their parents attended Harvard. The lawsuit accuses Harvard of violating the U.S. Federal civil rights laws by using “racial balancing” to shape its admissions.

White Privilege -- allegations by some Black radical groups to charge white people for being born white

Natural language processing -- electronic /computer processing of information in human, natural languages and understanding human languages; involves Speech Recognition, Parsing, computer analysis of structure statements in a human or artificial language; syntactic parsing to identify sentence structure, semantic analysis of the meaning meaning and encode that meaning into the computer. Parsing can be done top-down or bottom-up, where computer looks for a specific constituent and consults Grammar for determination. See also: Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence; Parsing, Speech Recognition, Turing Test, ELIZA (computer program that performs a dialogue with computer user in a style of a psychotherapist, but responds to specific terms of command in the input. ELIZA’s version is found in Emacs Editor and passes TURING test.)

Currency Manipulation -- use of the nation's money/currency to manipulate its value, exchange rate and nation's golden treasure fund. E.g. China has been accused of such practices.

Cybersex -— sex talk, sex chat over Internet, chat group, email or on social media.

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