Lexicon of Modern U.S.A.
Social, Political, Legal, Immigration and Internet Terminology

"These are unique and quite surprising modern English language entries, acronyms, abbreviations, terms and words from the well-acclaimed linguist and accomplished lexicographer, Peter K. Kirchikov, whose lexicographic law contributions were published by the top world authority in the legal community, Black’s Law Dictionary"

Peter Kirchikov's “Lexicon” is a linguistic investigation into modern American life with myriad terms, phrases, headwords, and acronyms. He has done a Herculean job of lexicographic scholarship.

Where big dictionaries, like Webster’s, Oxford, Collins, Black’s Law, cannot catch up and fill in the lexicographic gap, because they are published once so often / every five or ten years/, Peter Kirchikov jumps in with his second to none expertise. And he fills in the gap like a pro, like a winner and does it with passion and love. No wonder, Peter Kirchikov’s lexicographic contributions were published by the top authority in the world legal community-- Black’s Law Dictionary.

If you search some of the terms from this Lexicon on Internet, sometimes you may get messages like: “Terms not found” or “No results.”

And you do want results and they are right here-- results of P. Kirchikov’s decades of his lexicographic explorations.

A must -have book, a must-read, a muster, a masterpiece of modern American lexicographic adventure...”

--Mark Jackson,
Honorary Consul General of Japan
CEO and Chairman of Moreson Conferencing, Inc.
Chair; Birmingham Sister Cities Commission

You think you know your mother tongue? Think again! Your mother did not think so. Show me the book, dictionary, lexicon, thesaurus, vocabulary where you can find the following terms and phrases:

"The Forbidden territory", "Stalkerware", Hurrysickness; " To Burn the Source", "Operation Matterhorn", "Safe House", "All Female Space Walk", "Coach Safety Act", "Pine Gap," "Disfellowship", "Original Internet Godfather", "Second-hand drinking", Doxxing, Digital Withdrawal, Post-truth, Operation Telegraph, Credibility gap, CONOP, Sexpionage, "Honey Trap"; Kangaroo court, Annoyware, Extinction Rebels and Extinction Rebellion, Extradition Bill, I.R.C.A, Child recycling, Anchor Baby, Dedollarization, ?

Nowhere, but in my book LEXICON of Modern U. S. A. Social, Political, Legal, Immigration and Internet Terminology /Terms, Phrases, Idioms, Expressions, Acronyms and Abbreviations/ By Peter K. Kirchikov

“Peter Kirchikov brings a new and unique perspective into the standard language use. His LEXICON book takes a bold account into the most recent lexicographic, legal and linguistic changes in the U. S. and presents a solid background and contribution to the Modern U.S. English."

"Where big dictionaries, like Webster’s, Oxford, Black’s Law Dictionary cannot catch up and fill in the lexicographic gap, because they are published so often, Peter Kirchikov jumps in with his second to none expertise and fills in the gap, like a pro, like a grandmaster, like a winner. A must have book."

"Peter Kirchikov is a unique voice in America worth hearing. His insightful perspectives and biting wit offer a truly original viewpoint. No subject is safe from his intelligent and often surprising insights. Do yourself a favor and take the time to savor the wonderful work of Peter Kirchikov. You won’t regret it."
-- Scott Stantis, Comic Creator Prickly City, Formerly Editorial Cartoonist, The Birmingham News

LEXICON of Modern U. S. A. Social, Political, Legal, Immigration and Internet Terminology /Terms, Phrases, Idioms, Expressions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
By Peter K. Kirchikov

Who: Peter K. Kirchikov, Author, Compiler, Editor, Creator, Publisher
When: To be released in November, 2019, Birmingham, Alabama, U. S. A.
What: Dictionary of more than 50, 000 modern U. S. A. terms, words, idioms, phrases, headwords, main entries, acronyms, abbreviations.
Category: Lexicography, reference book.

"The key to communication is the precise definition."


Double Agent -- is also called "a flipped agent", Penetration agent, Mole, i.e., agent of a hostile intelligence service performing espionage operations in the host country of his/her stay/posting. Such agent swapped the sides and switched his loyalty /"flipped"/ from his masters of his home country to his/her new masters/who successfully recruited and lured him/her/ while pretending to still work for his home country's intelligence service, thus playing a dangerous espionage game. Double agent is a very dangerous profession and such pros usually do not last long. It is safe to say a double agent does employ double standard. Working as a double agent is considered by many countries' laws a state/high treason. Also: Penetration agent, Mole-Flipped agent-who switched the sides and changed allegiance and was recruited by hostile intelligence service and betrayed his country of origin/ home country and by that country's law typically is considered to be a traitor and can tried as a traitor/even in absentia/ and sentenced to death. . E.g., Kim Philby, Oleg Gordieyvsky/, Aldrich Aims allegedly were among the notorious double agents that betrayed their home countries-- U. S .S. R. and USA.

Stalkerware -- malicious malware designed to identify and know your precise physical location and what you are doing and when.

Hurrysickness -- sickness /syndrome/ worry related to our everyday stress, pressure and hustle-bustle

Verbicide -- officialese/bureaucratese-- distortion and perversion of a real sense and value of the word from its proper, actual and original meaning. Verbicide is often used in political speeches; Also: doubletalk; officialese, bureaucratese.

Credibility gap - -public distrust in government and its politicians, statements, actions; allegedly this term was coined during the Vietnam war era.

To Burn the Source -- To Burn the confidential Source
1. to disclose, divulge, to expose, to exfiltrate the original source of information /who is confidential source of information, secrets for certain purpose, e.g., writing an article or expose;
2. to divulge, to expose, to exfiltrate valuable agent of the nation's intelligence service infiltrated/implanted in the hostile country's government as the mole/penetration agent and valuable source of highly confidential and top secret information

Disfellowship -- a noun; allegedly a widely practiced ceremony of excommunication, expulsion and disenfranchisement of a member of Jehovah Witness, Church of Christ denominations who allegedly committed sin, unfaithfulness, moral lapse. The ceremony is a type of censure taking place in front of the church assembly/congregation. Other terms for Disfellowship are: Church discipline, censure by spiritual court for an offense; expulsion/excommunication from religious community, excommunication; Russian writer, novelist Leo Tolstoy was excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Hart-Celler Act -- check -signed by President L. Johnson in 1965 that abolished decades long policy of national quotas which was considered to be a discrimination because it favored immigrants from Europe, specifically from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany over the third world countries.

Google antitrust probe -- investigation by the DOJ, Dept. of Justice and by the fifty state Attorneys General offices related to alleged Google's violation of antitrust laws, fair market competition, free market laws, advertising, Google search /engine manipulation practices, access to markets and competitive market and preserving data. The purpose of Google investigation is consumer protection

Sexpionage -- when intelligence officers/agents use sex and sex traps, also called "honey traps", to engage in espionage activities. Also: "Honey Trap"; Sexting- texting sexually explicit SMS and other messages. See also: Cybersex-sex talk, sex chat over Internet, chat group, email or on social media.

Why did you write this book?

Our life, courts, politics, mass media, businesses, electronic communications and social media heavily depend on the terms, words, phrases that we use and ultimately- on their accurate definitions and meanings. As Dr. Samuel Johnson stated: "It is one of the maxims of the civil law that definitions are hazardous." Dr. Samuel Johnson, The Rambler, May 28, 1751, Author of "A Dictionary of the English Language."

1. Because lately we have seen crucial changes in our life, country, politics, major industry sectors, health, human relations, definitions of sex, family institution, religion. All these changes are intimately reflected in our mother tongue

2. Because language, especially English and American English, evolves in a dynamic way.

3. Because laws and deregulations in our country evolve significantly. And it all needs to be recorded accurately-its specialized terminology, including law terms. It has to be done systematically and in an organized and manageable manner. It has not been done lately by the major dictionary producers/publishers-they are far from our real life. Even their digital editions are pretty much out of touch with reality.

4. Because advanced and high technology industry, on-line shopping and e-business altered our lives forever

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