Social Media Speak

SociaLingo/SocialSpeak/Glossary of terms used in social media

  • Social media /social network -- web sites that give people opportunities “to share and make the world more open and connected…”, keep up with friends, upload photos, post messages, comments, share links and videos, meet people, learn more about the people they meet there, experience exposure to other cultures, socially interact, form groups and plan activities, events, etc. Also called non-commercial “social website” or “ social utility that connects you with the people around you.”
  • Profile -- user’s personal information, name, occupation, education, religion, contact information, work/business affiliation, home/business addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail and web site addresses, users’ image that they want to project to others on the social network; description/portrayal of yourself; brief biographical sketch/info.
  • Friend -- person who is user’s friend and whom the user invited to join his/her network and share his/her web page, images, photos, posts, messages, etc. You can friend somebody or confirm him/her as a friend to join your social media web page.
  • Wall -- a space/gallery on user’s web page/profile to post messages, photos, videos,etc., so other users can see.
  • Status -— space where users inform their friends of their whereabouts, events, activities, actions, etc.
  • Network—users -- persons who have account with the social media may choose to join or belong to a network. A network is a subset of the social media community, e.g. Facebook . and maybe associated with cities, schools, employers, etc.
  • Chat—users -- can communicate with each other online. Messages sent back and forth are seen only by the user and recipient. One social media recently introduced instant messaging feature
  • Communication —- exchange or expression of information by writing, speech, correspondence, e-mail, non-verbal, body “talk” language, gestures, participation in exchange of information, interaction, interchange, dissemination, social interaction, etc.
  • Contents -- any wire, oral, electronic or digital communication; substance, gist, meaning, significance, essence, etc.
  • Electronic communications service -- “any service which provides to users…the ability to send or receive wire or electronic communications.” Telephone companies and electronic mail companies are typically providers of electronic communication services.
  • ISP -- Internet Service Providers
  • Participants in the social network -- its users, i.e. account holders at social media, e.g. Facebook , MySpace, etc.

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