“Peter Kirchikov has had as interesting and challenging a life as anybody I know. He has seen a lot and learned a lot along the way. He is now a United States citizen and an active member of Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Peter has presented numerous programs and classes for our congregation, and they have broadened our understanding of the world in wonderful ways.”

– Rev. Reid Crotty

“Now a United States citizen, Peter shares from his heart some of the lessons God has taught him through his experiences. As a speaker he is captivating and as a historian and linguist he is unsurpassed. Without a doubt, Peter Kirchikov is one of the best speakers we have had at our monthly “Lunch and Learn” events.”

– Patti Copeland, Director of Senior Adults Program, Riverchase UMC

“Peter Kirchikov is a unique voice in America worth hearing. His insightful perspectives and biting wit offer a truly original viewpoint. No subject is safe from his intelligent and often surprising insights. Do yourself a favor and take the time to savor the wonderful work of Peter Kirchikov. You won’t regret it.”

– Scott Stantis, Comic Creator, Prickly City & Editorial Cartoonist

“In Walnuts On My Bookshelf, Peter Kirchikov brings a unique and brilliant analysis of communism during the USSR. As a historian and linguist who lived through the empire, he adds to scholarly research his own personal experiences and perspectives that give the reader a sense of the heavy burden communism inflicted on its unfortunate captives. Yet, Peter's personal journey also describes the human struggle to escape from bondage to live in freedom for himself and his posterity. The book gives valuable insight into the struggles in Russia to escape the Soviet authoritarian regime.”

– Don F. Wiginton, Esq., Wiginton & Wiginton

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