This second volume of my memoir of survival is unique in several ways.

It is a summary of my life, my experience and the wisdom that I picked up down the road by my age of seventy. Although, it feels like fifty.

Somebody asked me: "Is this memoir just about you?" No, it is not about me, although it does cover my personal unique story of survival.

I met and interviewed many people, some unique and well-known, I visited many historical sites, I did significant, customized research in order to get to the core of the issue and reveal some valuable truth.

My goal of writing this book was to document my experience and the many events, some crucial, that I witnessed and experienced the way I saw them as they were and to render them truthfully and to preserve the first-hand account. My ultimate goal was to preserve all that knowledge, documents, wisdom and share with generation to come.

I have included a special chapter covering current devastating and unprovoked war and genocide conducted by Putin's Russian Armed Forces against Ukraine.

You will find many of my presentation scripts, class outlines, reprints of my articles, manuscript fragments, excerpts--they are dated from 1991 and up till today.

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