This Is My War - This Is My Wound :: I.Z. Postalovsky


THIS IS MY WAR, THIS IS MY WOUND…From Stalingrad To Berlin And Farther, World War Two Memoir, 1942-1946, By I. Z. Postalovsky

This is an unparalleled account of I. Z. Postalovsky's personal experience (sometimes unimaginable and under impossible circumstances) and the major military operations by the Soviet Red Army during the worst of World War II. These are first-hand reports from the battlefields, frontlines, combat, and engagements of Stalingrad, Moscow, Orsha, Byelorussia, Berlin, Poland, and the ruins of Stalingrad. Relive the Red Army's final push to conquer Berlin, with unmatched eyewitness accounts which skillfully recorded daily battles, struggles, casualties, losses and survival from the Battle of Stalingrad to the Victory in Europe and the final unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. This is a deeply personal look at life and death.

THIS IS MY WAR is an intimate psychological and philosophical view of the Second World War, as told by a Military Translator, Interpreter, Tank Crew Member, Master Sergeant and sharp shooter who was there. This a unique reality check. And this portrait of the great war is painted with unique and unprecedented detail, with the keen eye of a researcher and military expert who has retained a phenomenal memory of those scorching days.

I. Z. Postalovsky lived with his parents' family in the Crimea before WWII in an ethnic German colony, where he learned German. During the WW II, due to his linguistic skills and training, he served as the military interpreter and translator helping the Soviet military counterintelligence service, SMERSH, (Death To Spies). Postalovsky interrogated and debriefed Nazi German Wehrmacht, Lufwaffe, and other officers and high value assets and his insight is invaluable.

This book has been published in The Ukraine, Germany, and Russia, where it is now out of print. We are proud to soon introduce I. Z. Postalovsky's book for the first time in this country and to an English readership.