This Is My War - This Is My Wound :: I.Z. Postalovsky

Biographical Information

Izrail Zindelevich Postalovsky is Grandfather to Tosh, Maxim and Ilya Kirchikov, and father of Svetlana Izrailevna Postolovskaya.

I. Z. Postalovsky, now ninety one year old World War Two veteran and living in Odessa, Ukraine. He was barely eighteen years old when he was drafted into the Soviet Red Army early in 1942 and served way after the WW II till the end of 1946. First he was trained as a military air mail pilot, then he served as the Master Sergeant after the Technical School graduation and was trained as the tank crew member, sharp shooter and military interpreter assisting the Soviet military intelligence service to interrogate high value Germany's assets and Wehrmacht's officers. He was assigned to the Special 233rd Tank Regiment which was part of the 133rd Tank Brigade of the Soviet Red Army, the original brigade where I.Z. Postalovsky served during the bloodiest of all conflicts of the WWII-the Battle of Stalingrad. It was the turning point in the war when Hitler's Wehrmacht war machine tried to defeat the city that carried Stalin's name and was glorified and cherished at that time by many Russians and capture Russia's oilfields and advance to the east. The Battle of Stalingrad put the USSR's destiny at stake. It involved many thousands of the army men and troops, tanks, aviation, massive weaponry, equipment and technology on all/sides of the war conflict. During the WW II he was wounded several times and burned in the tank three times. His parents received the "triangle telegram"-the official notice of KIA casualty, killed in action. In spite of all adversities, misfortunes and atrocities of the war he managed to survive the war and reached Nazi Germany and entered the conquered Berlin with other victors of the allied powers, the Red Army. He was awarded many medals and decorations by the Soviet Government for bravery, valor and heroism displayed during the war. He contributed to saving the world from Nazi Germany's "brown plague" and for making it a better world. The Victory over Nazi Germany and fascism was the award and triumph to his glorious fighting men and himself for the long-long years of the WW II tragedies.

I.Z.Postalovsky was trained in the 13th Training Tank Regiment in Chelyabinsk where the entire combat training was focused on drills and Communist propaganda political instruction. I.Z.Postalovsky has written the book of WW II memoirs: "THIS IS MY WAR, THIS IS MY WOUNDů/MOMENTS OF THE WAR/From Stalingrad To Berlin And Farther, Memories Of The Second World War By I. Z. Postalovsky, Military Translator, Interpreter, Tank Crew Member And Master Sergeant, 1942-1946. Encounters with Nazis After the World War Two."

His WW II memoir have been translated and published in German in Germany and has been translated and edited into English and soon to be printed in the U.S.A. Izrail Zindelevich Postalovsky was born in 1923 in Yenakievo, Ukraine, USSR. From May 1942 and till the end of the World War Two he participated in the battles against Nazi Germany's fascism. He was wounded three times, burned in the tank several times and decorated with various Soviet military decorations, medals, orders and distinctions for his valor and heroism in WW II.

After the WW II he graduated from the Law School of Odessa State University and was trained as the attorney, but preferred not to practice law and became a psychologist and a linguist and expert in the German language, history and linguistics. He authored and co-authored more than forty five books on different issues related to reading, mathematics, methods of teaching, instruction in foreign languages, education and upbringing. Several of his books have been translated into several foreign languages and published abroad. He is one of the founders of the new trend in pedagogy/education-theory and practice of the dynamic reading. He is the Head of the Joint Russian-Ukrainian Laboratory of Innovational /Pedagogical/Educational Technologies of the International Reading Institute. Izrail Z. Postalovsky is very well-known in the USSR and later when it disappeared, in Ukraine and all over the former Soviet Union. He is one of the most successful initiators, pioneers, designers of the Soviet/Russian movement for the dynamic reading, that includes many aspects, namely, fast reading, speed reading, techniques of reading; education, psychology and moral education and upbringing the school students of different levels, psychology, manuals for instructors and teachers and students of all school levels. He has written or co-authored more than forty five books, manuals, brochures on the above-referenced subjects. He is Professor Emeritus of the St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia due to his great contributions to the dynamic reading philosophy, Russian language and techniques of teaching and learning the language and authoring the books on the above issues.