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Know Your Counterpart Before You Commit Yourself - Doing Business in Eastern Europe

Presented by: Peter Kirchikov

  • Goal: assisting companies, organizations and individuals to grow their cross-cultural and international capital
  • One-on-one and "train the trainer" training.
  • Tailor, reformat, customize and rearrange your current/existing marketing materials and product brochures to fit into the international market
  • Help gain international exposure to new markets and increase your profit

    This seminar is an in-depth analysis of the current economic, political, market, legal and cultural trends in Central-Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This class is designed for the U.S. companies considering to do business or are already doing business in the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States) and Central- Eastern Europe and exploring the business opportunities in the above-specified region. It is a must for entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and management levels both of small business companies and corporations.

    1. Business etiquette and protocol of doing business/ business practices in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Bulgaria, other former Soviet and East European countries.
    2. Briefing on a specific country, country background, history, geography, cultural orientation, form of government.
    3. The art of negotiation: strategies and tools.
    4. Protocol: title/forms of address, greetings, communication and good speaker and communicator skills, body language, eye contact, etc.
    5. Dress code/office attire.
    6. Eating etiquette, dining out, gourmet food vs. fast food, restaurants, night clubs, etc. Visiting a family for a dinner.
    7. " Blat", i.e., connections, clout, authority, power, gifts, bribery, etc.
    8. The Russian View: the way Russians see Russia.
    9. Dealing with absenteeism and underperformance.
    10. Handling bureaucracy, force major, corruption and other critical situations.
    11. Overcoming language barrier. Russian language crash course.
    12. Visit to the theater, other kinds of entertainment.
    13. Dealing with crime, credit card fraud, safety concerns, etc.
    14. Know Russian Orthodox and other religious traditions.
    15. Official national and religious holidays, traditions and celebrations.
    16. Social etiquette, marriage, civil and church wedding traditions,etc.
    17. Being interviewed by the media: pro-government and/or oppositional.
    18. The V.V. Putin Administration, March 2008 presidential elections and the future of Russia.
    19. How to succeed in doing business there.
    20. Using public transportation: metro(subway), city bus, electric bus/trolley bus, street car, etc.
    21. Ethnic issues, ethnicity considerations and historical background of such issues.
    Location: TBA
    Dates: TBA
    Five Sessions
    Duration: All day/ Five one–hour sessions
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